Versatile Bio Sensor Guide: IMU Multiplexer

Using the multiplexer for multiple IMU sensors on the Versatile Bio system

Imu Multiplexer

The multiplexer is used to attach up to 8 IMU units to a single AUX input channel on the Versatile BIO.  You can use up to two multiplexers for a total of 16 IMU units.

How to use:

Each IMU unit must be connected to the multiplexer sequentially, starting at channel 1.  You can attach a total of 8 IMU units to each multiplexer,. Each IMU have to be sequentially connected starting from number 1. 

Imu Multiplexer 2

The multiplexer is attached to the Digital AUX channel on the Versatile Bio.  A total of two multiplexers can be attached to the Versatile Bio with up to 8 sensors each.

Connector on Versatile Bio:

Digital Auxiliary Input

For more information on the IMU sensor, see the entry Versatile Bio Sensor Guide: IMU