SennsLab: Guide to the Passive Image Template

The Passive Image Template in SennsLab

The passive image template is used to present images to participants in a fixed amount of time, when they are not expected to provide a response.  This template is mostly used for the passive presentation of advertisements, logos, banners, etc.

The passive image template is a Standard template.


To set up a passive image test:

  1. In the "Materials" tab, choose the number of stimuli to be included in each class:

    Familiarization:  This is a set of images presented to adapt the participant to the test context and the actual stimuli images that will appear.  These images are not analyzed.  By default, SennsLab will add 4 nonspecific images for calibration purposes.  You can optionally add 0-4 additional specific images.

    Target Stimuli:  These are your actual target images that will be fully analyzed.  Add 1-20 images. 

    Competing Stimuli:  These are optional images from competitors to your target stimuli, fully analyzed to allow comparison.  Add 0-15 images.

    Category Stimuli:  These are additional "noise" images within the same product type.  They are primarily added to disguise which images are the intended targets of the study.  0-60 images can be added.  These images are not analyzed.

  2. Load the images into the viewer
    On the right side of the screen, under each specific category, click on the Image 20 icon to add images.  You can also preview with the Image 21 icon, and delete with the Image 22 icon. To add more than one image at a time, select "add several".

  3. Set randomization rules

    Images can be presented in randomized order.  This is intended to break up any unintentional attention or emotional biases from one image to the next.  This is particularly useful if you are using an eye tracking system, as the most salient aspect of the previous image may bias the first-looked at object on the next.

    If you prefer to maintain precise control of image order, choose "Sequence".  Click the Image 20 button to create an image order.


Important Considerations:

Some important considerations when using the passive image template:

  • SennsLab will resize images to fit the presentation screen size and resolution (without changing the aspect ratio).  If you use images that are too small for the screen size, these could appear pixelated.  Consider formatting your images in advance to the correct resolution.
  • A specific image can not be included in more than one stimuli class in the same study (familiarization, evaluation, competitors and category).  This is determined by file name.

  • Acceptable image formats are: * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .png, * .bmp

  • The duration of the study is defined by the number of images in each stimuli class.

Other Resources:

For an explanation of the general test sequence and execution, see Understanding Experiment Structure in SennsLab

For more information about the built-in calibration in this experiment template, see SennsLab Emotional-Cognitive Calibration