SennsLab: Guide to the Passive Audiovisual Template

The Passive Audiovisual Template in SennsLab

The Passive Audiovisual template is used to present video files, where the participant is not asked for any type of interaction.  This template is most often used to evaluate commercials, trailers, corporate videos, movies, TV shows, etc.

The passive audiovisual template is a Standard template.

To set up a passive audiovisual test:

  1. In the "Materials" tab, choose the number of stimuli to be included in each class:

    Familiarization:  You can optionally add 1 video in order to accustom the participant to the context of the task.  The familiarization video is not analyzed.  SennsLab will automatically add 1 video for calibration purposes in all cases. 

    Target Stimuli
    :  These are your actual target video files that will be fully analyzed.  Add 1-10 videos. 

    Competition Stimuli:  These are optional video files from competitors to your target stimuli, fully analyzed to allow comparison.  Add 0-15 videos.

    Category Stimuli:  These are additional "noise" video files within the same product type.  They are primarily added to disguise which videos are the intended targets of the study.  0-40 videos can be added.  These are not analyzed.

  2. Load the images into the viewer

    On the right side of the screen, under each specific category, click on the Image 20 icon to add video files.  You can also preview with the Image 21 icon, and delete with the Image 22 icon.

    To add multiple video files at once, use the "add several" button in the upper-right. 

  3. Set randomization preferences

    Video files can be presented in randomized order by checking "Randomized".  This is intended to break up any unintentional emotional biases from one video to the next.
    If you prefer to maintain precise control of video order, choose "Sequence".  Click the Image 20 button to create a customized order.

Important Considerations:

Some important considerations when using the passive audiovisual template:

  • When there are 1 or 2 stimuli events, the total test duration allowed is 150 minutes (two and a half hours).
  • When there are 3 or more stimuli events, the maximum total test time allowed is limited to 35 minutes.
  • Acceptable video formats are: * .avi, * .mpeg, * .mpg, * .wmv and * .mp4.  The video must be playable on the computer you are using for stimulus presentation (and this could depend on the codec used to create the video).  If there is an error when importing a specific video, we recommend converting to * .avi format before importing.

Other Resources:

For an explanation of the general test sequence and execution, see Understanding Experiment Structure in SennsLab

For more information about the built-in calibration in this experiment template, see SennsLab Emotional-Cognitive Calibration