SennsLab: Why do my images look pixelated during a study?

Image size and resolution in SennsLab

SennsLab will automatically reformat your images to fit the resolution and size of your presentation screen as much as possible without changing the aspect ratio.  If your images are of an inadequate resolution for the stimulus monitor you are using, they will appear pixelated and of reduced quality when blown up during the test

For example, if you have an image created at 640 X 480 resolution, but your monitor is running in HD (1920 X 1080), the smaller image will be displayed at the higher resolution at a significant loss of quality - similar to zooming in too far on a digital photograph.  An image that is already at 1024 X 768 resolution does not have to be expanded nearly as much and will look much more natural. 

To avoid this problem, format your images in the proper resolution before adding them to SennsLab.  Generate materials at a higher resolution

If you want an image to appear in its native resolution, add a border so the total image size is correct for your monitor. 

For example, the 640 X 480 image can still be displayed without enlarging if it is embedded in a 1920 X 1080 resolution file. 

You can always verify that the images will display correctly by running a trial study.