SennsLab: What video or image files are supported as stimuli?

Using video and images in SennsLab

Accepted image formats are: * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .png and * .bmp.

  • Note that image resolution will be scaled to the monitor size, and may appear pixelated if the starting resolution is insufficient. 

Accepted video formats are: * .avi, * .mpeg, * .mpg, * .wmv, and * .mp4.

  • Note that the stimulus computer must be capable of playing the codec used to create the videos.  If you have trouble playing a particular video in SennsLab, try converting to * .avi format.

When SennsLab presents images, they will be resized to fit the size and resolution of the presentation screen, while still maintaining the aspect ratio. If an image is too small for the monitor size, it could appear pixelated. Consider pre-formating your images into the proper resolution before using them.

A specific image (name) can be included only once in a study.