SennsLite: Understanding the data structure

Definition of the SennsLite data structure

When starting a recording with SennsLite it is necessary to fill in the following fields that will allow the user to identify the recorded data.

  • Participant ID: Numerical ID. (only numbers are allowed)
  • Dataset ID: Name of the dataset that will be recorded.
  • Output folder: Path of the folder where to store the data.

Save button allows to persist “Participant ID”, ”Dataset ID” and “Output folder” settings.

 Senns Lite Parameters

These three configuration parameters are mandatory and determine the output folder where the data is stored.

After the recording, the information is structured as follows:

  • The output folder defined by the user
  • Folder with the dataset ID
  • Folder with the participant ID
  • Folder with the session number

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Note that the session number is not defined by the user, but is an internal number that is automatically increased every time a recording is started using the same configuration of the three parameters (output folder, participant, dataset).