Improving Versatile EEG system Signal Quality

EEG Data Quality

If EEG data quality is not adequate, check the following:

  • Check Fit - Verify that the headgear is adequately adjusted for the head, that you are using the correct size, and that all electrodes are properly positioned.
  • Check Impedance - If one or more of the sensors offer poor signal quality, check that there is correct contact between the electrode and the scalp and is not blocked by hair, verify that the electrode is adequately dampened.
  • Verify Reference and Ground - If all the sensors show a noisy signal, check that both the reference (ear clamp) and the ground (sensor 0) have been placed correctly and are making good contact.
  • Check Connector - This should be firmly connected (double click when inserted into the amplifier)
  • Check Battery - If the battery led indicates a low battery (red color), stop the signal recording and charge the device. An undercharged battery can adversely affect signal quality.
  • Disconnect Power Cable - Make sure the device is not connected to the power cable during data acquisition.
  • Verify Bluetooth Connection - Check the Bluetooth connection between the headset and the laptop or tablet.  Make sure the participant is not located on the edge of BT range and remove any potential sources of interference. 
  • Review Quickstart Guide - Check the quickstart guide for your particular Versatile EEG system for help with setup.

For more information about EEG artifacts and filtering:


If the problem persists, contact support:

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