Hero EEG layout

Understanding the electrode layout for the Hero dry EEG system

The Hero includes 9 EEG sensors, 1 linked ear reference (A2), ground (GND) and reference (REF) *

The EEG sensors are located at positions FC3, FC4, C3, Cz, C4, CP3, CPz, CP4 according to the international 10-10 EEG system.

Hero Layout 9ch with Numbers Jpg 1

Channel Layout:

Channel 1 FC3
Channel 2 FCz
Channel 3 FC4
Channel 4 C3
Channel 5 Cz
Channel 6 C4
Channel 7 CP3
Channel 8 CPz
Channel 9 CP4
Channel 10 A2

Image Png Dec 16 2020 05 00 14 50 Pm

* There are two references A2 and REF to establish a crossed reference.

For other Minimal EEG systems, see Comparative Minimal EEG Electrode Layout.