SennsLab: Guide to the Semantic Priming Online Template

The Semantic Priming Online Template in SennsLab

The semantic priming online template has exactly the same setup and options as the local semantic priming template.  (See that link for help creating a semantic priming online experiment). 

Every online implicit response templates are published to a URL for participants to access remotely.  The study must be created in SennsLab, exported, and emailed to [email protected].  Within 24 hours, Bitbrain will publish the website and email back a URL.  This can be sent to your participants, who can then complete the study on their own.  Results are automatically uploaded to the cloud. 

Once completely set up, studies can be exported via the Export button in the 'Manage Studies' section in SennsLab. 

The Semantic Priming Online Template is an Implicit Response Online template.