Immersive EEG Layout

Understanding the electrode layout for the Immersive dry EEG system for use with VR.

The Immersive includes 12 EEG sensors, ground (GND) and reference (REF)

The EEG sensors are located at positions F3, F1, F2, F4, C3, C1, C2, C4, P3, P1, P2 and P4, according to the international 10-10 EEG system.  GND and REF are located on the ear clip.

Channel Layout:

Channel 1 F3
Channel 2 F1
Channel 3 F2
Channel 4 F4
Channel 5 C3
Channel 6 C1
Channel 7 C2
Channel 8 C4
Channel 9 P3
Channel 10 P1
Channel 11 P2
Channel 12 P4

For other Minimal EEG systems, see Comparative Minimal EEG Electrode Layout.