SennsLab: Guide to the Human Tracking Template

The Human Tracking Template in SennsLab

The human tracking template is used to track the position of participants in real-world environments using the InTrack indoor positioning system. 

The focus group template is an Out of Lab template.

To set up a human tracking experiment:

  1. Defining Tasks:  A task in the focus group template consists of a labeled section of time in order for the test moderator to ask the participant to perform a certain task, for example finding their way to a place, or shopping for a particular product on a shelf.  There is no predefined stimuli in the human tracking template, tasks are provided only for organization and analysis purposes. 
  2. Enter Familiarization Tasks: This is a set of 0-3 tasks used to familiarize the participants with the context of the test.  Familiarization tasks are not analyzed and SennsLab will not add familiarization tasks automatically. 
  3. Enter Assessment Tasks:  This is a set of 1-15 defined tasks for full analysis. 
  4. Set Timing:  Both familiarization and assessment tasks can be either fixed (a set time defined minimum 15 seconds and maximum 60 minutes) or variable (the task is manually ended by the test moderator). 
  5. Set Randomization Preferences
    If "randomize" is selected, the tasks will be presented in random order.  If not, tasks will be presented in the order they are listed in the task lists.  To change this order, use the Up down Button buttons.
  6. Set Up the In-Track System
    The InTrack system is set up and defined via the "Localization" tab.  For more information, see Quickstart Guide to the InTrack System. 
  7. Set Up Other Sensors
    Any other sensors, such as EEG, Eye Tracking Glasses, etc. can be set up from the Sensors Tab. 

Click on the link to learn more about indoor positioning systems