SennsLab: Guide to Intervals of Interest (IOI)

How to create intervals of interest in SennsLab

An Interval of Interest is an optional design tool that allows you to define a segment of a video for statistical comparison with other segments within the video, or similar segments in other target videos.  IOI work somewhat like areas of interest (AOI), except that they are defined by time rather than area and are used over dynamic stimuli like videos.  IOI must be defined during the design phase.

To Setup IOI:

  1. To enable IOI click the "Use Intervals of Interest" option.  The location depends on the test template:
    1. In the Passive Audiovisual Template this is in the "Materials" tab, in the left column under "Test"
    2. In the Active Audiovisual Template this is listed in the "Tasks" tab, in the right column, under the Task Description window.
  2. Add video files to the experiment
  3. For each stimulus video, click on the Aoi icon toolbar icon in the upper right corner.  This will open the IOI definition window.
  4. Click "new" to define a new IOI
  5. In the dialog box, use the controls to designate the start and stop time for the defined IOI. These can be designated by entering the exact time in [hh:mm:ss:ms] format, or by dragging the orange playback cursor to the correct time and clicking the "Get from current time" button.
  6. Once defined, click "Done" to complete IOI.  Click "new" to define another segment, or "ok" to exit.
  7. In the list of intervals on the right, click the Preview Icon Toolbar button to preview the specific time segment of the IOI. The brush icon toolbar button allows you to edit an existing IOI.  Click close delete icon toolbar to delete it.

Notes for using IOI:

  • IOI are available in the following segments only:  Passive Audiovisual Test, Active Audiovisual Test.
  • You can define a maximum of 40 IOI per stimulus video.
  • Designated IOI times can overlap, but this must be taken in consideration when analyzing. 
  • IOI must be defined in the test setup.