Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage - Hero EEG

Proper procedure for cleaning, maintaining and storing your Hero EEG system


To clean the EEG headset, use a cloth dampened with water. 

Note:  Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaners or shampoo to clean the headset. Never submerge the system in liquid.


To disinfect the Diadem system, we recommend using Clinell Universal Wipes.  Wipe down surfaces so that they remain damp for approximately one minute.  Do not use excess pressure so that too much moisture is released at once. 

In the area of the sensors, wipe with the sensors pointed downward so that excess moisture does not seep into the device. 

Read disinfectant solution instructions carefully and confirm compatibility with the headset material.  Bitbrain does not recommend the use of steam-based sterilization methods. 


Keep the Hero system in its case and in a dry place when not in use.

If storing for a longer period of time, we recommend removing the battery. 

For battery storage and maintenance instructions, see Guide to the Battery in the Hero EEG System.


It may be necessary to replace the elastic straps in the Hero eventually as these wear out with repeated use.  To replace the straps, follow the following procedure:

  1. Loosen the clips which attach the elastic straps to the adjustment pieces via snaps.
  2. Remove the elastic straps through the upper opening on the sensor bands.

  3. Insert replacement straps in the sensor bands through the opening on the top.  Ensure that the clips are facing upwards.  To make this easier, insert a part of the strap near the end of the band (as shown here) then slide the strap toward the other end, dragging it into the slot.

  4. Attach the six clips on the new straps to the clips on the adjusters.  Place the bands in the same order they were previously.  The cable for each band should be above the one behind it.